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Calcalist Conference and Flower Network A special education network. Lecture by Eden Shachak

We were all excited when the founder of the ATA (Autistics Typing Along) Method was invited to attend a conference on autistic brain research.

A unique conference - the Autism Brain Research Conference, led by Calcalist and the Flower Network - a very special education network. Attached is a link to the conference:

The lecture is in Hebrew!

Eden Shachak is the founder of the ATA typing center in Ness Ziona. Autistic media typing you. Attended the conference.

Eden Shachak's lecture appears in the time 51:20 to 58:10.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy!

We were especially excited to be invited and be a part of a very important conference. Thank you to Calcalist and the Flower, Flower Network - a very special education network.

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