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"On the Spectrum" 2023 conference

Eden Shachak, founder of the ATA method (Autistics Typing Along ) was invited to participate in the "On the Spectrum" 2023 conference.

A first conference of its kind - to which lecturers who are experts in their field were invited,

Led by the "Lagaat Beshemai" holiday association and the Ahavah association - the special organization for the disabled in Israel.

A link to the conference:

The learning centers of the ATA method in Nes Ziona (main branch), Elad, Haifa, Ra'anana.

Here is a link to the website as well as to Facebook .

Eden Shachak's lecture will be held on 1/3/2023, at 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Enter the link and register for the conference.

We were especially excited to be invited and be part of a very important conference.

Thank you to the holiday association "Lagaat Beshemai" and the Ahba Association - the special organization for the disabled in Israel.

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